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AVORD Recognised by King Charles III

The King’s book reflects on the ideas and issues that he has championed and expands on his vision for shaping the monarchy of today and tomorrow. It also highlights examples of achievement and progress across social, cultural, technological and commercial spheres. It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce that AVORD had been chosen as a…
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AVORD Receives CREST Membership

AVORD Penetration Testing Platform AVORD Ltd. has received CREST membership for meeting its standards to deliver high-quality penetration testing services. AVORD is changing the way testing is conducted and is revolutionising the planning, scheduling, and testing process. “It gives me great pleasure to announce that AVORD has received CREST accreditation for penetration testing,” says Brian…
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Are Artificial Intelligence Tools Safe For Corporate Use?

AI On The Increase Many people and organisations are using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance their company operations, consumer experiences, and decision-making as it becomes more pervasive in our daily lives. The risks that could arise from giving AI programmes access to sensitive data, however, are causing more people to express alarm. Personal information…
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How Artificial intelligence will change the Cyber Security Landscape

How to use Artificial Intelligence in your company Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact cyber security in a number of ways. Some of the ways that AI is already being used in cyber security include: Threat detection and response: AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data in real-time to identify potential…
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Types of Penetration testing for your company

There are several types of penetration tests that organizations can conduct to evaluate the security of their systems and networks. These include: Black box testing: This type of test simulates an attack by an external hacker who has no knowledge of the internal network or systems being targeted. The tester is only provided with the…
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AVORD is pleased to announce that we are now a member of CiSP

CiSP is the cyber-security information sharing partnership, which was set up by the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ). Its main aim is to attempt to tackle cyber threats, which in turn increases cyber security. Founded in 2013, CiSP is a uniquely hosted technical system, allowing its members to share cyber threat and vulnerability…
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C Level Discussion on the New Normal

We invited a panel, from across industry, to discuss what Recovery from Lockdown could possibly look like. The conversation centred around the below subjects: What does recovery look like? Does recovery look different for different industries? How do we create a new norm? What will stage return look like? Is the workforce currently fit and…
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Home Working Security

Protecting Your Home Workers With Breach Attack Simulation Monitoring

Quickly moving to a remote workforce can easily cause gaps in your security. Criminals are seizing the moment and flooding the internet with fake domains and phishing emails. This allows them to gain access to your employee’s systems and credentials. Protecting your home workers from cyber attack is one of the highest priorities right now…
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AVORD Pen Test Platform Supports our Clients

In these uncertain times all companies are struggling to maintain operations and provide the continuity of services to clients and customers. We have noticed that hackers are attempting to take advantage of the current situation. We recommend all our clients to be extra vigilant right now for specific attack vectors. The AVORD pen test platform…
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AVORD Breach Attack Simulation Solution

Securing your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Environment

Consider all the components required to build a successful AWS infrastructure. For example, virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are many opportunities to make mistakes or misconfigure accounts and permissions. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network. AVORD automates…
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AVORD Wins Corporate Content Awards

AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD at the Corporate Content Awards

What a night – AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD. The Corporate Content Awards is the only awards event to benchmark and reward corporate storytelling and the use of narrative to all corporate audiences, across owned, earned and bought media. Building and maintaining a reputation requires precision, creativity and assiduousness in corporate communications. Ensuring the corporate story…
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CFS2020 UK - NL Fintech Summit

AVORD Attends British Embassy Global Trade Show

We are proud to announce our inclusion in one of the biggest trade shows of new UK tech organised by the British Embassy in The Hague the Cyber-FinTech Summit 2020.