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AVORD was setup in 2018 to change the way businesses manage their testing. AVORD is a UK based company located in London with offices opening in the US, Europe and Asia. Our clear message is to make Nations safer places to do business


AVORD was created by two individuals with over 50 years of combined experience in many major corporations. Both driven by a passion and need to change the testing industry for the better.


Founder & CEO

My passion for improvement has always driven my career and lead to the development of AVORD. 25 years of Risk and business strategy



With over 30 years of experience in information security and business, I am passionate about delivery and making real effective change.


Testing is hard work and disorganized

All companies need testing such as penetration testing so they can better understand their key cyber risks and the threats associated with those risks. The standard approach is to hire a penetration testing company to provide in-depth knowledge of attack vectors and weaknesses in the companies environment and how those weaknesses can be exploited.

The pressing need for a robust platform to ensure the systems and applications are free from loopholes and accordingly prevent data loss is a significant driver to the market growth.

The adoption of security testing also helps in identifying potential weaknesses within the system which may become the reason for data loss for organizations. Yet with all the growth in need there is no automated security testing tool that allows businesses to plan, track and manage their security tests, supplying dashboard and direct links with qualified security testers.

The need for a security testing programme

The main drivers for security and penetration testing include a high degree of concern about:
– A growing requirement for compliance
– The impact of serious security attacks on similar organisations
– Use of a greater number and variety of outsourced services
– Significant changes to business processes
– Raising awareness about possible Cyber security attacks

While other forms of security assurance provide only a theoretical articulation of vulnerability, penetration testing demonstrates actual vulnerability against defined and real threats. As such, the results from a penetration test can be more compelling and demonstrable to both senior management and technical staff.