Securing your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Environment

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Securing your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Environment

AVORD Breach Attack Simulation Solution

Consider all the components required to build a successful AWS infrastructure. For example, virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are many opportunities to make mistakes or misconfigure accounts and permissions. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network. AVORD automates the process of Securing amazon web services from an attackers.

As more and more data are migrated to the cloud, new risks emerge. This makes it critical for companies to assess their risk posture and understand how attackers can operate within their cloud environment. Organisations relying on the cloud must now understand how their new hybrid environment can be attacked from on premise devices that link to cloud data.

Securing Amazon Web Services

If you are assessing your on-prem risk separately from your cloud risk, you have no way of knowing what risks they pose to each other. AVORD breach attack simulation closes the loop between on-prem and cloud risk assessment via automated, advanced breach and attack simulation.

Securing Amazon Web Services
Securing Amazon Web Services

The AVORD Breach attack simulation solution audits AWS configurations via AWS API. It uses that information to calculate different attack vectors. By simulating attacks on an organisations AWS infrastructure, it is possible to find misconfigurations leading to risks. For example, IAM privileges escalations, access token theft or finally, leveraging of the Cloud Instance Metadata API to pivot across the cloud.

AVORD reduces cybersecurity risk by continuously simulating advanced persistent threats. It does this accross an organization’s critical assets, identifying security gaps, and prioritizing remediation. The platform enables users to operate as an automated purple team. By combining red and blue teams’ processes we ensure that organizations are always one step ahead of the attack.

Implementing the AVORD solution in an AWS environment is a simple process requiring less than an hour.

Securing amazon web services is diffecult when most organizations are still in migration mode. It is critical for organizations to deploy AWS audit and review solutions while they are migrating to the cloud, not just afterwards. Attacks can happen during migrations. Moreover mistakes that happen throughout the migration process must be identified and fixed. The benefit is you can confidently build your AWS infrastructure in a fully secure manner that will not require a re-architecture at a later date.

AVORD AWS Solution

The AVORD solution is now the first BAS solution that can simulate attacks on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Moreover, AVORD provides a hyper-realistic breach attack simulation solution. Firstly, an advanced persistent threat (APT). Secondly, automated and continuous simulation and remediation platform. Finally, AVORD allows users to see their network from the eyes of the attacker. We run continuously 24/7 to find and show all the hidden attack vectors that can go under the radar of most protective measures.

Inconclusion, AVORD is the only BAS provider to address the sole crucial question for enterprises – Are my critical assets really secure on-prem and in the cloud?

Key Benefits

  • Identify security gaps in AWS implementations resulting from mistakes, misconfigurations and poor IT hygiene.
  • Apply during migrations to eliminate security risks throughout the process.
  • Identify hybrid attack possibilities where on premise and cloud infrastructure connect.
  • Run 24/7 continuous attack simulations to spot security issues as they happen.
  • Protect critical assets stored in AWS by identifying every attack vector available to hackers.
  • Prioritized remediation optimizes resources