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Manufacturers hit by £2.12bn security testing bill following research

The shockingly high cost of protecting against cyber attacks has been revealed today, with the manufacturing industry forking out around £2.12bn annually to combat the growing threat of data breaches and system outages. Research from AVORD – a revolutionary new security testing platform that launches today – reveals that 89% manufacturers have seen an increase…
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UK firms say £6.6bn annual security testing cost too high and are struggling to cope with the extra costs

The report is based on a market snapshot survey of 400 UK businesses of various sizes across the healthcare, energy, finance, retail and manufacturing industry sectors. Some 77% of businesses polled by security testing platform provider Avord said the cost of testing is too expensive, with the security testing market dominated by consultancies that provide…
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A new platform is bringing security testers and businesses together in a revolutionary way

AVORD, a platform for bringing security testers and businesses wanting testing together, was featured in the February 2019 print issue of Professional Security magazine. Its founders say it’s aimed particularly at smaller businesses who may struggle to understand the complexities of security testing and afford the costs often quoted by consultancies. The platform is free…
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AVORD - The company to reform the cyber security industry

Is this the company that will finally reform the cybersecurity industry? This founder says yes

Avord is a brand new security testing platform that promises to cut out the ‘middleman’ consultant from security services. We catch up with Avord’s founder and CEO, Brian Harrison, who talks corruption in the industry, and what businesses can do to better protect themselves. It’s official, we’ve moved into darker and even more dangerous times…
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AVORD launches security testing platform with the aim to bring down high security testing costs

Businesses across the UK have criticised the security testing industry for being too expensive, with a new report highlighting that firms are spending more than £6.6bn annually protecting critical assets from cyber-attacks. Research from AVORD – a revolutionary new security testing platform – puts the spotlight firmly on the security testing market, which is dominated…
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New cyber security testing platform promises it can cut out the middle man and reduce testing costs

The financial sector spends more than £1.34 billion annually to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks, data breaches and system outages, according to research from AVORD. AVORD is a new security testing platform and it believes the total spend on cyber security testing for all sectors could be as much as £10 to £12…
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