Protecting Your Home Workers With Breach Attack Simulation Monitoring

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Protecting Your Home Workers With Breach Attack Simulation Monitoring

Home Working Security

Quickly moving to a remote workforce can easily cause gaps in your security. Criminals are seizing the moment and flooding the internet with fake domains and phishing emails. This allows them to gain access to your employee’s systems and credentials. Protecting your home workers from cyber attack is one of the highest priorities right now of any CISO.

They know that homer workers will be connecting to their companies’ servers and other resources in a very different way. They are also aware that many employees will be doing their work on computers normally used for personal affairs. Also that other home workers will rely more on their mobile devices in the absence of a work computer.

AVORD Breach Attack Simulation

AVORD Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) can immediately help you identify gaps in security as a result of new home working initiatives. In just minutes after remotely installing our platform, you’ll be able to map your network and see any attack paths that hackers can use to reach your critial assets. This increases your ability dramatically of protecting your home workers.

Protecting Your Home Workers

Implementing new VPNs and quickly making changes to your network raises the risk of security issues. For example the risk is increased by misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and human error. Deploy AVORD (BAS) now with no onsite visits required and see results in your live environment in a matter of minutes.

Hackers are desperately trying to breach your environment through your employee’s home computers and VPNs.

Manual testing is not effctive enough because your network is constantly changing.

To truly understand your risk, you need to run 24/7 in your production environment. Constantly improving your security posture. In addition, now you need to run remotely.

AVORD Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) gives you the ability to see your network the way the hacker sees it.

It helps you to find all existing hidden vectors of attack. This includes those that typically go under the radar of most protective measures.

And once an attack path is identified, AVORD (BAS) delivers a focused and prioritised remediation report. This allows you to fix those weaknesses before the hacker strikes.

Protecting your Home Workers Conclusion

If you are interested in finding out more about how AVORD (BAS) can help. Then contact us for more details. We can protect you during these uncertain times.