AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD at the Corporate Content Awards

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AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD at the Corporate Content Awards

AVORD Wins Corporate Content Awards

What a night – AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD. The Corporate Content Awards is the only awards event to benchmark and reward corporate storytelling and the use of narrative to all corporate audiences, across owned, earned and bought media.

Building and maintaining a reputation requires precision, creativity and assiduousness in corporate communications. Ensuring the corporate story is told relies on strategic development, narrative building and, above all, excellent content.

AVORD was recognised for its hard work in bringing clarity to the penetration testing market detailing the key finding of our in-depth research. AVORD WINS GOLD AWARD.

AVORD at the Corporate Content Awards


It was an amazing night and proud to announce we won gold for our in-depth analysis of the UK penetration testing market. With support from Storm Communications the research we gathered on over 400 companies highlighted key information about their frustrations, approach and issues around penetration testing. The research report is available for download and has been referenced by many of the leading online security news and magazines.

The Future of Testing

Design – AVORD Penetration Testing Platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver an automated approach to testing. How AVORD helps clients to reduce costs. Over 70% of the businesses we surveyed said security testing was too expensive. AVORD sets out to change the proibitive current process by putting the control back in the hands of the client and not the consultancy. Inflated prices and lack of control in the current market is driving clients to seek better solutions, its time the market changed, it’s time for AVORD. Check your latest testing status via mobile, tablet or pc.

We use globally recognised standards such as the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). The AVORD Penetration test risk reporting simplifies the task of identifying and treating your key cyber risks. For example, all reports are inputted directly into the platform in set fields. For example, the reports cannot be sent until completed correctly to our standards. We strive to increase quality and consistency across the reporting process.

Penetration Testing Market Report