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We Are Hiring

Due to the recent success of AVORD, we’re expanding our team! We are looking for dedicated, motivated and creative individuals to join us and help build AVORD into a global brand. We provide generous company benefits, training and a clear career path if you are ambitious and passionate. If you are passionate, determined to succeed and enjoy…
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AVORD - Pen Testing Platform

Platform Release v2 Update – Dec 2019

We are changing the way you buy and organise your penetration testing. Consolidate and streamline your testing results, use your in-house, third party provider or AVORD testers and assign them to your account. “ONE SINGLE VERSION OF THE TRUTH” No more wasted time trying to organise your penetration testsNo more frustration attempting to build reports…
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The Cost Of Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services – The myth of quality vs price in security testing

How do you judge what good looks like in penetration testing services? It’s amazing how often we get clients questioning us on how cheap we are, meaning that the quality must suffer. Nothing could be further from the truth, let me explain. The old adage “you get what you pay for” may be true in…
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Cyber threats are a growing concern for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is paying out around £2.12 billion a year to combat the growing threat of data breaches and system outages. This figure comes from research conducted by a new security testing platform called AVORD. They found that 89% of manufacturers have seen a rise in the number of data breaches over the past…
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Costs of protecting assets from cyberattacks exposed

The shockingly high cost of protecting against cyberattacks has been revealed today (11 January), with the energy industry forking out approximately £265 million annually to combat the growing threat of data breaches and system outages. Research from AVORD – a new security testing platform that launches today – reveals that 94% of the energy industry…
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Marriott cyber attack: could it have been prevented?

The hotel chain was hit by a significant cyber hack, affecting 500,000 customers, who had sensitive data stolen, including names, addresses, dates of birth and passport numbers. From IT security, due diligence to cyber insurance, risk managers draw out lessons for the future. In the Eagle’s hit record Hotel California, they sing about a glamorous…
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The UK energy industry spends around £265m a year to protect itself against data breaches and system outages.

The UK energy industry spends around £265m a year to protect itself against data breaches and system outages. Yet 94 per cent of the sector has seen an increase in the number of breaches over the last five years, with 30 per cent having battled an online security breach in the past 12 months, These…
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Cybersecurity is a vital cost and needn’t be complex

In 2018, retail ranked the most at risk of cyberattacks out of 18 other industries, according to SecurityScorecard. Cybercrime will remain a major challenge for retailers this year. The reason is simple: across the sector more consumer data is stored than ever before. But with vast quantities of information being collected across digital platforms, cybercriminals…
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The cost of staying safe from cyber criminals

UK businesses are spending huge sums of money every year protecting their critical assets against opportunistic cyber criminals. And according to our recent research, a spate of high-profile data breaches has seen that number pass the £6.5bn mark. It’s a frightening statistic considering challenges businesses, particularly SMEs, face over the coming months, and it is…
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The financial sector is forking out more than £1.34 billion

Research from AVORD has revealed that 95 per cent of businesses in the financial sector have seen an increase in the number of data breaches over the last five years. And as a result of the growing threat to mobile devices, more than half (52 per cent) are now investing more in identifying and protecting…
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New cybersecurity testing platform to help UK energy sector

Brian Harrison, founder and chief executive of AVORD, said the findings “put the spotlight firmly on the security testing market, which is dominated by consultancies who provide services to businesses, sometimes at twice the daily rate of an independent tester – often referred to as ethical hackers. With 74 per cent of UK businesses claiming…
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Healthcare sector hit by £1.32billion security testing bill

The shockingly-high cost of protecting against cyber attacks has been revealed, with the healthcare sector forking out more than £1.32billion a year to combat the growing threat of data breaches and system outages. Healthcare organisations are struggling to cope with the ever-increasing threats impacting on their attempts to secure systems at current costs. Unless something…
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